Rules of Maintaining Your Suit

Rules of Maintaining Your Suit

If you have ever bought a wedding suit so you will definitely agree with the fact that buying one takes a lot of effort and care to keep it last longer. You’ve already spent a huge amount of money so wear it with great pleasure. With proper care and maintenance, nevertheless, your suit will be long-standing. After coming back from your workplace, your casual attire is soaked up by the heat, dust, or food as well. It probably needs some special care to look on; for your outfit life span, here are some key pointers that you have to keep in mind.

Freshen It Out

Airing it out is very important for a formal outfit. Hence, keeping it overnight will make it refresh and ventilated. Set it on an appropriate butler stand or hang it on any atmospheric place of your house such as hall, living room, or balcony but the environment must be out of sunlight.

Use Of Wide Hanger

Your hanger needs to be comprehensive & suitable, as it maintains the structure of the coat and gives shape to your shoulders. If I talk about my experience, I would definitely suggest you for a wide wooden hanger. Thin hangers may disturb its shape and make it look untidy. Avoid putting your coat on the back of the chair as it may contort, so it is best to rest it on a couch.

Dry Clean

We know you love your special occasion suit or tuxedo, so why would you repeat that mistake of sending it to dry cleaners every time. Dry clean is important but sending it often, will probably harm your precious investment. In definition, it is a process that includes a chemical mixture that weakens suit’s natural fiber. Not every cleaner works properly, some may affect and damage it by scratching and rubbing it harshly.

But, the question is, when should we take our suit to dry clean? It is advised that you should take your smart business attire to the dry cleaners only if it has a visible stain or smells a bit funky.

Avoid Ironing

Wrinkles will certainly appear on your outfit as it gets older because it’s just a piece of cloth. Thus, the better option is to avoid ironing as it will depress the wool and may kill woolen fibers. The finest possibility is to steam it, for a fresher look. In comparison to iron, Steam is safer and gentle to the cloth. So it’s time to say No to iron to prolong your suit’s life.

Ample Space In Your Closet

All you need to do with the outfit is to give a tiny room to breathe in the closet. That means clothes need space to air it out between the wears. This will not only keep it fresh but also make your wardrobe look assembled and properly arranged.

Bristle Brushes

Use bristle brushes on your suit, just like brushing your teeth with a smooth brush. Cleaning all the dust, lint, or dandruff particles regularly with the brush will reduce your trip to dry cleaners. Simply hang your suit jacket and start brushing it with a suit brush along with a lint roller in a downward motion. Begin it from the shoulder and brush your way down.

Don’t use pockets

It may sound silly but sharp edge & heavy accessories like keys or cell phones may not be friendly to your pant pocket. It dramatically decreases the life of your suit. The edges of the pocket will be unraveled and worn out. So go for the slim objects.

Garment bag

When packing away your seasonal suits, most of the people use plastic bags to store their attire but storing it in this will actually deoxygenate it. For an evergreen look, opt for garment bags instead of plastic bags. Dry clean your suit before storing it would be the best idea to make it fresh for a longer period.

Be Kind

It is necessary to be gentle with the suit. As you spend an enormous amount of money, so look after it. Be careful when you are going out and in the car, take off your coat/jacket before lifting up anything. You can also put saddle (a piece of fabric) which can reduce the rubbing of legs and help you wear trousers, especially in the crotch area of pants.


It is significant to view your suit as an investment rather than an ordinary outfit. Suits are meant to last for long until it goes out of fashion so you must respect and know the right way to take care about it. Above mentioned pointers would enable you how to maintain your suit and make it sharp enough for all the events.


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