After writing couple of blogs on the history of suits and tuxedo earlier, today we came up with a handy guide defining how a guy should actually dress for an interview. Making a positive statement at your first look is never more important than when you go for a job interview. Because the impression you make on the interviewer is the most important one. Your attire plays a supporting role in an interview and it is nowadays more significant than making a handshake or eye contact, that is why it’s necessary to blend with your potential employer’s expectation for your appearance. Here are the steps that will ensure you get noticed for the right reason.


A suit is the most formal attire for the interview. It is also the safest choice to wear rather than dressing according to the culture of the organization, because wearing a suit shows that you have taken the interview as a professional meeting. Note that your suit should be neat, pressed, and most importantly well-tailored. Dark or black suit is the perfect option for women, but for men a charcoal suit with notch lapel could be the best attire for the interview.


white shirt

Solid blue or white shirt is ideal to wear for an interview either a pattern or simple front. According to renowned fashion stylist Brendan Courtney “You always notice when a guy’s shirt doesn’t fit well” that’s why it’s always important that the collar of the shirt should fit to your neck, wide spread collar will give may give you the better look if you have a particularly large neck. Lastly, your shirt must have feature French cuffs, and they should sit perfectly around your wrist as a horseshoe shape.


suit tie

When it comes to accessories such as tie, men sometimes feel confused in choosing the tie that compliments both his suit and shirt. The biggest mistake people do that they choose Neckwear which looks great itself, but it is especially important to select tie whose color or pattern works great with your shirt. All you need to understand patter, color, and proportion of tie according to need.


Black belt

There is a simple way to match your belt with your outfit, for instance, if you are wearing a black Oxford shoes, then you should go with black leather belt, and similarly a brown belt with same color shoes. Remember that you have to wear a single buckle with plain front, and around 1 1/4” long because anything more will give your buckle casual looks.


Your socks should have enough length to cover your legs while sitting down. And for dressing best shoes you have to keep in mind that your shoes should be dark as your suit for instance, if you are wearing a black suit, then you have no other option than black, and with charcoal suit brown shoes seen but quite rarely, that’s why safest option is to stick with black shoes.

So, congratulation on getting the interview. And we can hope that now you are relatively enough competent to dress for an interview and rock any of your suit.


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