Dress For Work

Dress For Work

Dressing is an important element to show your professionalism at work. It will make your personality grow and allow people to connect with you quite comfortably particularly if you are doing a job something relegated to the sales or customer service department.  Office attire mainly depends on the environment and the culture around, there are possibly two ways for getting dressing up your work either formally or casually. Here in our guide where had discussed breezily how to dress from head to toe to nailed office style.



Suit is the first thing comes in everyone’s mind immediately while talking about formal attire for men. But keep in mind that suit only looks good when it is made for you, it means wearing a loose jacket with baggy pants will take out all charm in your personality. Similarly going with too much fit will make you look sloppy and difficult to concentrate at work. Suit isn’t only option to wear, you can a nicely fitted blazer but only if it is one of conservative colors including black, navy blue, and gray suit.



Attiring a waistcoat is the another good option after suit and blazers to wear at work. It might be a good option to show your sophisticated style but only possible if environment of your office allow. You can also wear a waistcoat with your suit for something like a special day where you are going to attend meeting or giving a presentation to your seniors.



If you are about to wear a shirt under your jacket than spread collar is recommendable. The front part of your shirt will be visible only that’s it is important to keep it neat and clean. You must have to wear a full sleeve shirt while wearing under your jackets, because half sleeves would be a bit informal.  When it comes the colors of your shirt, the white and cornflower blue color could be the best option to wear.



Tie is your premium accessory for wearing a suit, there isn’t a problem trying different knots, the only thing you have to take care is the color and pattern of your tie. You are not suppose to wear loud color or pattern tie with your decent suit, you have to choose solid colors to compliment it with your suit




It doesn’t mean to wear a T-shirt or jeans pants if you are working in a non professional organization. You can wear a full or half sleeves shirt with nice dressing slacks. But there are some points you should keep in mind. Firstly you have to avoid a heavy pattern and logo shirts, it should be steamed, and must tucked in your pants.

KNEE-LENGTH coat or sports jackets

For a touch of elegance and warmth, incorporate a suitable knee-length coat or sports jacket into your casual business attire. Stick to traditional colors like black, navy, or brown. Layer it over your dress shirt, making sure the knee-length coat has long sleeves. While wearing a tie with a coat is optional, it can add a touch of sophistication to your overall look.




As we mentioned earlier that causal doesn’t mean sloppy. You can’t go at work wearing baggy jeans. There couple of couple options for trousers to. You can match your slacks with the color of your blazer to get a decent look, but if you are going wearing a cardigan than there isn’t anything wrong with khakis.



Wearing always black will be too much formal, therefore you can try different color including navy or brown particularly with khaki pants. And if you are deciding to wear a belt with class then it would be great to match with your slacks and footwear.


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