During more than 50 years of Bond franchise , plenty of handsome and stylish ultimate males are skilled with the iconic character bearing astonishing cars, unique gadgets, & his stylish apparels but when it comes to his attire then you can’t overlook 007 tuxedos he has chosen to wear in his all movies. From Dr. No to Skyfall all James Bond heroes including Sean Connery, George Lezenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and the current Bond Daniel Craig wore exclusive tuxedos in their 007 movies. Various additions of style, tie, James Bond suspenders, cummerbunds worn with their tuxedos, and now we are going to discuss the history of these Tuxedos with little additions from start to current day. Here is the list of all James Bond tuxedos.


Suits of James Bond, Sean Connery was the man who played James Bond character for the first time and spotted with the first ever Sean Connery James bond tuxedo in Bond 007 history. Bearing quite attractive features including shawl lapel collar, cuffs and pocket trimmed with midnight blue silk satin for giving it an attractive look. It was originally designed by Anthony Sinclair.

This midnight blue dinner jacket also was single- holed button front closure, welt pocket on chest decorated with white handkerchief and two rear vents at back. Interestingly, instead of using functional buttons at cuffs they introduced silk gauntlet which round around towards the end. Although his trousers were un-pleated, but still was giving a great contribution in Connery’s gentle look. Additionally, he did not wear any cummerbund or vest with the tuxedo.


After the success of Dr. No Sean Connery tuxedo again given a chance to make his impact in Russia with love where he worn this elegant midnight blue shawl lapel tux which was 80% similar to the previous Dr. No tuxedo Sean Connery James Bond suits but still they introduced slightly changes in this 2nd James Bond blue suit for giving it a stylish and modern looks. Here look the changes, again shawl lapel was of midnight blue silk but now it was bit shorter and slim, addition of four functional buttons also made on satin gauntlet cuffs, and trousers were bearing traditional double forward pleats with two slanted side pockets.


After wearing two consecutive black tuxedos in first two Bond movies Sean Connery now spotted with the sparkle James bond white dinner jacket, although it was bit James bond white jacket white because wool gives bit yellowish color & this tuxedo constructed with tropical wool.

It was featuring peak lapel with one button front closure, containing one ticket and two jetted pockets at waist length. He used charming midnight blue pants to giving it a perfect company which had double forward pleats and side adjusters to fix it according to size


Overall the suits of James bond  wore seven notch lapel tuxedos in his carrier out of which this is the first one, and the second tuxedo James bond in the movie. Sean Connery suits was spotted with it while having a dinner with M and Colonel Smithers. This black dinner jacket is similar to previous James bond black tuxedos the difference was only with its lapel and functional buttons on cuffs which was covered with silk.


It was the fourth midnight and the last blue shawl lapel tuxedo worn until the debut of Timothy Dalton. James Bond was assigned on a mission in Bahamas where he chosen to wear this graceful white dinner jacket James bond, having shawl lapel with single button front closure, all trimmings and button was roofed with the silk. Trousers were also bearing midnight satin stripe in each leg.  Sean Connery wore black satin silk bow-tie, and white shirt with placket front and mother of pearl buttons for achieving a complete gentle look.


It was the first and last film for the star George Lezenby, he worn different style apparels in his solitary film but personally in my view it the best and here is the reason. This was the first peak lapel tuxedo in history and Lezenby was the first Bond to adopt this style. This midnight blue tux James bond also featuring one welt pockets at chest two jetted pockets at waist length with three buttons on each cuffs and double vents from back. Dinner jacket was perfectly fit and slightly shorter for giving it a modern look. Trouser was holding flat front and the stripes of satin silk down to each leg. More importantly, he wore this tuxedo three times in a movie with variety of shirts.


This was the sixth official Sean Connery movie and his last one after returning in four years. He was second time spotted with the peak lapel white tuxedo, it was almost same the earlier one even the pattern of the James bond tuxedo shirt was exact too. The disparity was only with the bow because this time it was thistle-shaped.


Finally Sean Connery suit emerged in peak lapel black tuxedo in his last Bond movie. He Chosen to wear shining white color with it. Really this tuxedo was looking delightful bearing a shawl lapel with one button closure, it has one chest pocket and two flat pockets at waist length. Eventually Connery covers his waist with the cummerbund.


It was the 13th James Bond movie and 6th for the living legend Roger Moore when he finally spotted with the tuxedo after wearing couple of single breasted and double breasted suits in his previous films. He chosen notch lapel tuxedo to worn the, the idea of notch lapel tuxedo was adopted from the Connery’s Goldfinger which also persist by Dalton in his 2nd Bond movie. All in all this James bond dinner jacket was designed to give him a perfect look excepting notch lapel it was also bearing two single button closure with two jetted pockets, three functional buttons on each sleeves which was made with black horn and double vents giving him a stylish looks, Moore worn white broad spared collar shirt and thistle shape James bond black tie with the tuxedo.


It was the first film to the star Timothy Dalton, and he chosen the way to make his impact on his first appearance, it looks like Connery 60’s tuxedo but tailor made some great additions to give Dalton a sparkle looks. Tuxedo was not only looking exclusive -because of its perfectly fitting but also because of its broad shoulders and lapel. Jacket was featured with shawl lapel and front button closure, couple of pockets on the waist length with 3 functional buttons one cuffs with no vents.  Bond worn white placket front shirt, silk bow tie, braces, and reverse pleats trousers for giving a perfect company to the jacket   


This Dalton’s tuxedo is also from the same film but it was not much appealing and attractive than the previous one, it was left bit loose to him to give a unique appearance but honestly in my view it was giving him a little goofy look because Bond is known for his perfect dressing. Well, tuxedo was bearing notch lapel collar with one chest pocket and two welt pocket s at waist length, it also featuring four functional buttons on cuffs, both lapel and pockets were trimmed with silk satin. Trouser was giving a good company featured with two side pockets and double reverse pleats, Dalton worn white braces with it . Overall it was giving a decent tuxedo but not like the first one in the film.


It was the second and last film to the star Timothy Dalton after wearing a classy tuxedo in his previous movie his later two tuxedos can’t sustain its status. It was again a notch lapel collar and its fitting was even looser than the previous one. Bond had to wear this tux in dinner party or you can say evening party but still he worn a notch lapel tuxedo which is slightly informal, more importantly he doesn’t wear cummerbund which is also a part of formal dressing. It was featuring two button closures with two waist length pockets; it was also bearing 3 buttons on sleeves and has no vent. Bond worn silk tie white plan shirt and double pleated trousers with it.


It was the first film to the star Pierce Brosnan and made his first tuxedo appearance similar like Sean Connery and Dalton. Shawl lapel tuxedo was giving his smart look. In my views the combination of Brosnan dressing and acting in the movie paved his way for three more Bond films. Interestingly, he worn vest with this dinner jacket it was bit unique because usually people choose James bond cummerbund with the dinner jacket even he was the first Bond to do this thing. His jacket was bearing two jetted pockets at waist and vest was featuring three front buttons, this tuxedo is also unique because he worn trouser with the belt.


After the success of Pierce Brosnan first film he got another chance to perform Bond character.  This time he worn rare notch lapel tuxedo Lindy Hemming the his costume designed in the film tried something new and introduced first ever double breasted vest in James Bond career. This notch lapel tuxedo suit was featuring bit wide notch lapel with one button closure, two jetted pockets with no vents. Vest was giving all unique look to the diner jacket having shawl grosgrain lapels with 5 buttons on front with two waist pockets, further butterfly shape bow-tie white formal shirt and reverse plate trousers for giving him all perfect look.


After wearing two convective black dinner jackets in two previous films Brosnan now decided to go with Midnight blue color in his third and overall 19th entry of the series “The World not Enough”, dinner jacket was featuring peak lapel with midnight blue color, it had two waist length pockets and two 4 functional buttons at cuffs without vent. The same color trousers had flat front and also bearing stripe down to the legs, overall it was a more formal and attractive Brosnan tuxedo.


It was the last tuxedo for Pierce Brosnan as James Bond because Die Another Day was his fourth and last Bond movie, this midnight James bond blue tuxedo suit was designed by Brioni especially for the film, bearing a same looks like Lindy Hemming tuxedo having peak lapel collar with one button front closure.

It featured two pockets at waist length with 4 buttons on each sleeve. He worn classical white broad shoulder shirt by Turnbull & Asser, thistle shaped tie made by silk and flat front trouser with it. This tuxedo suit was perfectly fit to him and turns it to be his last one.


It was the first film to the sizzling, iconic 21st century Bond “Daniel Craig” he spotted with this elegant tuxedo in 21st entry of the series which also the second highest film of the franchise “Casino Royale” this tuxedo is the source of inspiration for all of us since its first glance. According to the history of Bond tuxedos it was the third peak lapel tuxedo overall and second in black color. Tuxedo was not only perfectly fit to Craig but also giving him a sparkle looks and gentle appearance.

This Daniel Craig James Bond Tuxedo Casino Royale featured single button closure with one ticket pockets on chest and two jetted waist length pockets; it had four fictional buttons on sleeves, according to the resources buttons were horn and covered with the fabric. To give a modern and stylish look Craig does not wore cummerbund or vest but held silk braces and designers keep its length bit short.


After achieving great success in his debuted movie Daniel Craig got again chance for reprising the role of James Bond and worn Bond style tuxedo too. This Tom Ford tuxedo is almost the copy of the first ever Bond tuxedo worn by Sean Connery it has the same midnight blue color, exact cut and looks, although there was some little difference between Connery and Craig tuxedo. Daniel Craig covered his waist from cummerbund but Sean Connery did not use it. Another major reason was with the trouser previous tuxedo has long rise and reverse style double pleated rise but this Quantum of Solace suit trouser had low rise and flat front, other features of the tuxedo includes shawl lapel collar with single button closure, one ticket pocket on chest with two waist length pockets, also bearing 5 functional buttons each cuffs with double vent for giving a gentle looks. As said earlier that the trousers features low rise with flat front, it had two slanted pockets and side adjusters on waist to adjust according to the size


It is the most recent tuxedo and third for the Daniel Craig, like previous two this midnight blue tuxedo James bond was also designed by Tom Ford known as tom ford James bond tux, but from top to bottom it is entirely different from the previous ones, because of unique color dark midnight blue Daniel Craig Skyfall tuxedo; which seems like navy blue in day light & black in dark, for giving it a stylish appearance jacket was slightly short than ever before, another major reason of its rarity is the single vent of the jacket introduced by designers. Majorly, it is the first single vented Daniel Craig navy tuxedo in James Bond history.

Other attractive features of this James bond navy tuxedo definitely deserve to be share which includes its single button closure (button covered with silk), one ticket pocket on chest was bearing folded James bond white suit linen handkerchief and two jetted pockets trimmed with silk, and it had three functional buttons on cuffs. Trousers was just perfect too, they were narrow style with slim and fit, had plain hem and side adjusters to fit perfectly. Daniel Craig wore silk cummerbund, pique collar shirt, and black calf plain shoes with tow whole cuts to achieve memorable appearance in Bond history.


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