How To Take Care Of Men's Suits

How To Take Care Of Men's Suits

Suit as one of the most important attire of your closet needs great attention and care.  It is also one the expensive part of your wardrobe that’s why you must want to turn into your true investment rather than falling apart. But to get a long life from your each suit only you need to care clothes about it regularly, because a well keep clothing can live for generations. Believe us making your clothes long life is not as tough as you think, all you only need to follow a few rules we are going to share here regularly and efficiently to take clothes or suits that compliment your looks for many future years.



All the following tips we are going to highlight below needs attention after buying a suit for men, but this is the only way to clothes care your suit from destruction at the time of purchasing it. It is always important to get your right suit measurement because if you have purchased the wrong suit then you won’t be able to hang it well on physically and your suit shoulders in a result will lose its shape. Similarly extra slim fit suit will put unnecessarily tension in your fabric and will squeeze it.



If you want to make your suit last for many years than it is essential to let it breathe because wearing your suit on regular basis doesn’t only affect on its quality but also take charm and glow. It is good idea to keep at least three suits in your closet and rotate it regularly. Like your shirt, tie, and shoes your suit also need a break, so it can look and smell fresh and give you timeless looks ever!



This rule is completely for the opposite situation than we discussed above. If you have purchased an expensive suit and find rear chances to wear it than you have to sure that you have take care of them in a nice way. The fabric of your suit is always best looking suit & needs breathing space that’s why you should keep your dress suit in a light garment bag instead of plastic bag and it is also highly recommendable to leave the zipper of your bag open.




This is the way to prevent men suits even if you are not wearing it regularly. Wearing a suit everyday should hang in a open space, it is also a good idea to hang your suit outside your closer if you do use it several times in a day. Hangers play a vital role in retaining the size of men suit jacket and particularly its shoulders, you must need to utilize a high quality wooden hanger in your men suit style because of several reasons. The most important one is that the shoulders of wooden hangers are made according to human shoulder, they absorb the moisture from jacket, and help in retaining its shape.



You should wash your suit maximum once in six months, because the chemicals will make the fabric of your best suits weaken and short the life of your favorite attire. Many of dry cleaners don’t give a proper clothing care to your suit in a result It loses its charm and shape.  That’s why you don’t need to throw your daily wear a suit to dry cleaners until you have emergency or it is out of your control.



Your suit trouser are not same as the accessories you can wear all the time for consecutive days, therefore needs one or two days rest to look and smell fresh. If you are supposed to putt on suit daily at work and can’t afford buy more suit pants, then buying the matching dress trousers is defiantly an economical option. It will make your dress pants men and overall men’s suit last longer without being looking old.



Steaming, ironing, and pressing are ways to remove wrinkles from clothes, but the easiest and save method to go with. Direct interaction of iron with your suit is seriously dangerous because it can cause different things including stretching fabric, and take the shine from it. Although suit steaming is bit expensive option but will help from destruction of your suit and make it look always new, it seems like an investment which will save your money in future.



To keep your suit stay for the long time in suit wardrobe you need to use your suit pockets at least as you can, but inside pocket should always treat better because if you have putting something like keys or heavy thing in your inside pocket jacket will ruin your inside lining and turn your suit jacket to lose its shape.



To avoid your hairs, dandruff, or any food particles you need to cleaning suit every time you wear it, it doesn’t only minimize the need of dry cleaning suit but also will definitely extend its life. Some fabrics absorb more dust than others, if you don’t much know about the fabric than simply hang your suit and clean it. There is nothing problem doing this with your suit, you can clean it quite similarly you usually polish your shoes.



Moths are a big dangerous to your suit, you can’t do much after finding it because they lay down over hundred of eggs and placing Moth Balls in the pocket of your suit jacket and trousers make it quite difficult to wear it again because of unpleasant smell. That’s why you have to prevent from happening it, through take out all things from your suit before hanging it in your closet and use wooden hanger to absorb all the moisture. All the tips we have listed above will assist you generate maximum life from your suits, retaining its shine and always give you the timeless look. We highly recommend our reader to highlight some more tips on preventing a suit if they know any which have not listed here.We are also seeking your feedback and advice on our this post, you can all share your feedback below in comments.


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