Christmas Collection For James Bond Wannabes

Christmas Collection For James Bond Wannabes

Brace yourself and stay strong to rule in the world of glamour and make you own signs of fashion by adopting the glance of Hollywood icon James Bond created by Sir Ian Fleming, who is best known for his good taste, classiness and refined style. The character of Bond is ideal, and source of inspiration for every age of mankind since it was adopted in movie Dr. No.  We have bring something really special gift for all James Bond wannabes, a special guide on how to dress like a secret agent Bond in this Christmas. We have mentioned all famous gears as Christmas collection for James Bond through which you can match the looks from MI6 superspy agent completely.



If you are following 007 then you can’t choose any vehicle with the existing of Aston Martin DB5. It is the most car in James Bond movies including Goldfinger, Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale, and now in Skyfall. We all came to know the reason why it is one of the most favorite vehicles of 007. This car has bearing some incredible gadgets itself including revolving name plates, GPS dashboard, tire slasher, smoke screen with bullet proof mirrors and most important arm rest control. Due to its remarkable debut in Goldfinger lead it to feature in five more Bond movies.



When Bond creator Ian Fleming started to write Casino Royale (first James Bond novel) he had not any idea in how long and which direction the story will that’s why he introduced Bond using Beretta 418 without any thought, but in Dr. No the head of Mi6 agency forced 007 to use Walther PPK instead of Beretta 418, and later in an interview Fleming also accepted that he has not much idea regarding firearms. Since then it is the most famous and favorite Bond firearm featured in probably all his spy movies.



You can’t wrong with this Skyfall tuxedo anyway! As the name mention, it is this tuxedo is derived straight from the latest 23rd installment of the franchise. We all have seen the secret agent wearing numerous varieties of tuxedos, but this is special not only because of its charming and rear midnight blue color which gives the shade of both black and midnight blue as per the intention of light, but also due to its contemporary design. As we all know that Daniel Craig is our present Bond, more modern Bond than ever before in history. That’s why the tuxedo he worn having some trendy features including shorter length jackets, two rear vents, and narrow style trousers with slim fit pattern.



Although James Bond has worn Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean too in Skyfall, but this Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Mid Size Chronometer knock it with its features design and obviously looks. he wore this Aqua Tera with james bond Casino royale suit and also in Skyfall poster with midnight blue tuxedo; it is also seen in few Casino Royale scenes. This James Bond features chronometer, date indicator, transparent back with sparkling blue dial. 



Excepting the suits, tuxedo, and cufflinks Daniel Craig also wore Tom Ford sunglasses in his spy movies out of his Quantum of Solace sunglasses of model FT108 were perfect both in terms of design and looks. This appealing sunglass has the lenses of smoke blue color with black temple tips designed by Marcolin which is the combine fashion craftsmen passion of handmade in Italy.



James Bond wore Tom Ford mother of pearl cufflinks with his elegant midnight blue tuxedo in Skyfall is also the best choice for you in terms of matching your looks to him. These beautiful cufflinks can be easily viewed in the poster of Skyfall too due to its striking round design containing white mother of pearl. These cufflinks almost seems like the studs of tuxedo shirt.



Daniel Craig wore four different varieties of shoes out from the same company Crockett & Jones Alex in Skyfall while playing 007 role, but of which the design of suit he worn with tuxedo in Macau was better than any other. His classy black shoes have the plain and beautiful design whole cut with the featuring only single leather soles.



“A Vodka Martini – Shaken not stirred” we all have not only heard this famous phrase from the British agent James Bond but also love to use this sentence as a fashion occasionally on ourselves. There is no single doubt to prefer any drink other than Vodka Martini because he usually drinks martins out of this Vodka is the most consuming drink (over 20 times) of 007.



Pierce Brosnan while reprising the secret agent role used some phones with the remarkable feature out of this Sony Ericsson JB988 was the best choice in which he introduced in his third and overall eighteen spy movie of the franchise Tomorrow Never Dies. Excepting its regular activities this smart phone also bearing some stunning features which for instance picking locks and finger prints, producing over 20,000 electricity volt and mainly he was able to drive his car BMW 750iL by using his phone.Well, we have highlighted here all ideal things which make your personality shine and give you the strong feeling of 007. Incase if you feel that we forget to something mention here then let us know below in comment box. Merry Christmas!!!


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