Black Tie And White Tie

Black Tie And White Tie

The Black and white tie event are generally known as the most formal event a guy can attend. It is not a rare case if you have invited for a black tie but if you have already invited or just going to attend a White tie events than you should consider yourself a lucky man indeed.  The one thing you can say common in both of this formal gathering is that the dress code is mentioned on the invitation but there is quite different from each other. Today we are going to highlight big difference between white tie and black tie kit.



In white tie you must wear a tailcoat which is also termed as dress coat. Unlike the White tie jacket of the tuxedo the features of tailcoat should be placed according to the tradition. The jacket color could either black or midnight blue, it should feature a double breasted coat front but you are instructed not to fasten anyone of them. While in tuxedo suit jacket the preference of colors are still same black and midnight blue, it can be either single breasted or double breasted which ever you choose the thing you kept in mind that button in this black and white formal attire should be buttoned appropriately. The one most unique thing you can easily see in tailcoat is that the front part of the white bow coat is retain equal or just short to the White tie shirt, and the back of jacket should be longer than any ordinary jacket equal to your knees.  The jacket of your tuxedo is as simple as the jacket of your suit, it has balanced length from both its front and back part.



 There is also quite a bit difference between the trousers of both these mens white tie attire, because tailcoat feature a higher rise as we already highlighted that’s why it is important to wear high waistline trousers. The trousers can have both flat and pleated front but it is recommendable to wear a pleated one to get a conservative style. There are not any rule to wear belts with white tie formal pants, that’s why it is important that both kind of trousers should cut with proper fit and feature adjusted waist belt. The one major and good detail you can only in tuxedo trousers is that they feature a silk stripe down each leg. The common thing between both of them which we like to share here is that they are made with the same fabric of their jacket.



If you are going to wear a vest with your Black and white event attire, than you should know the difference between it any other ordinary one.  White tie event attire vest should have made with white pique cotton which should feature white satin lapel with a deep V shape. But there are certain rules to wear it properly, your waist should be long enough to cover some part of your trousers belt but at the same time it should not visible down to your White tie dress coat. While in men's black tie attire you can wear a cummerbund or waist made with the black fabric, if you are wearing a vest with your White tie tuxedo than keep in mind that it should not bear a deep shape as like the white vest.




In both black and white tie outfits you should putt on a proper white shirt and white tie, but still there are some dissimilarity. With a white tie dinner suit you should wear a shirt which features a pleated and placket front, but it is not necessary in white tie Suit. You can wear a plane shirt under your tailcoat which is usually made with broadcloth fabric instead pf any common one.




White bow tie is ultimately the best accessory for both types of dresses. Now this is the only area where you should not find any confusion, as the name suggest in white ties should wear a white bow tie outfits made with the similar fabric of vest, and in black tie event you are supposed to wear a black bow tie made silk.



In both places your white tie shoes should be nicely polished and made with patent leather to get high appealing looks.



In white tie Party you have additional option to wear a black hat to add color and give compliment your personality whereas in semi formal event you must not make a mistake to wear accessories like hat.




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