Dress According To Body Shape

Dress According To Body Shape

Most of the guys misunderstood the meaning of dressing well; it doesn’t mean attiring in an expensive stylish suit or wearing a high end accessory. Dressing well means dressing just as your Fit body type, because even world’s expensive suit won’t make you look good if is not appropriate according to your body type dressing. That’s why here in our article we have tried to cover the areas which will help men with different body fitting clothes to dress as per men's body shapes, looks and measurements;.




If you are short height and less than average than first of all be honest with yourself and instead of trying big and tall jackets accept that you are short and prefer to wearing a smaller jacket that fits you compliments. There are many other options to save yourself from looking short rather than wearing stupidly big jackets. you can compliment your looks through body fitted dress and size with your accessories. Try to wear most of peak lapel suit because it won’t make your shoulder look narrow. The second solution is break your slim slacks only half of inch to your shoes, it will help you to get a taller looks. And the last suggestion is that try to wear nice slim ties, dress watch, sunglasses and a hat because this all will allow people to give more attention on your accessories and less on your physique.

But there are some things keep in mind while going out, the first thing is choice fitting clothes for your body shape. The second one is that you have to avoid something like giant or vertical line pattern if you want don’t want to look an short person, the last and most important tip is to keep the lower stance buttons of your jacket because it will help you in elongating your stature.






The most important tip for tall and slim men is that always wear a slim fit suit, although big and tall tailored suit make your shoulder comfortable and may be look good but your overall look will be quite underrate, that’s why our opinion is to go with a bespoke suit styles because it gives you big and tall styles looks and feel you relax.  It is not necessary that a taller guy should never wear a two button suit, although he can wear but with the peak lapel suit. Just oppose to a short man the slim dress pants should break bit largely at your shoes because it makes your long legs look long actually.

There are some tips for you while wearing big and tall suit. You should never wear a completely round shape shoes because it adds discrimination in your personality and break your looks completely. Similarly try to prefer wide ties over slim and wear belts to look like a guy with nice average height.



Its not that much hard to find the handsome and good looking fat guys, especially if they are Dressing well when overweight . There are best suits for fat guys but he should follow some basic rule. Don’t open the button of your jacket until you are not suppose to sit, if you have a large back than you jacket should not feature vents because slimming suit for fat man look awkward and make you feel less confident. Try to have perfect clothing for your body type and also try to wear a nice pocket square, wide neckties and lapel suits attract people’s attention more towards itself and less to your body shape. The last and the most important is slim fit pants for fat guys at natural waist so it drape nicely over your belly and give a gentle looks.



If you are luckily a guy with both good height and built men  than there aren’t any big issues you have need to deal with. muscular men in suit should follow some instruction to take most advantage from your physique. tall built men have a broad chest that’s you need to wear peak lapel suit or wide ties to make it look big artificially. The two button suits for muscular men could be the best option to wear either casually or for your any of special event. To give your jacket a perfect company you need to wear a perfect fitting shirt and slim pattern narrow towards your leg. Now lastly to give a complete looks you need to wear a patent leather shiny long shoes in length but not enough in width.

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