Suit is one of the most important parts of your wardrobe without a doubt, every man need at least one suit to wear for his professional and formal appearance. As we all know that buying a suit is quite annoying and frustrating if you are doing it for the first time, most of the guy don’t even know difference between tuxedo and suit, but it may be difficult for the guy who already experienced of buying a suit. This is all because they need assistance, certain type of tips on how to make their purchase right. That’s today we are came up with the topics might be useful for the guys looking for a tips of buying a suit.


It is one of the important element of buying a right suit. The first and foremost step is to take your body measurements. Keep in mind that this is a either make or break step, it can ruin your whole money or can assist you to get an exact item you were looking for. While taking your measurements you have to give bit more attention towards shoulder, chest, and sleeves because these are the parts which won’t look better even after alteration. It also shows either you had put your own suit or borrowed with someone else.


While making your purchase you have to order the suit which will compliment your body best. There are different varieties of suits includes double breasted, three button, two button, or a single button. But you have to choose according to your body type and the occasion for your are looking to buy. For instance three button suits is usually appropriate for the series and formal meetings, same as like three button suit, But three button suit  is more recommendable for the long and skinny people.. While two button suit is preferable for an average height person whom a person can wear both in casual or a formal meetings. Single button suit is the latest type of men suit which is recommendable for an average height or short torso men.


Choosing the fabric of your suit is yet another important decision. The quality of the fabric really matters on how comfortable you are while wearing a suit. Your decision of selecting fabric depends upon the style, season and trend. For instance you’ll see most of the guys wearing a linen suit during summer season to stay cool from the blistering heat.  Cotton is used for the similar reason but it is more prefer due to its durability. And finally wool is the most favorite material for the designers and consumers because it keeps a person warm and cool according to his need. It is also more demanding because wool is the best fabric to keep a person comfortable while wearing a suit for an extensive duration.


Do you know why you can’t look dapper even after wearing perfect fit and right type of suit?? It is most probably because your suit style doesn’t match with your personality.  You can’t suppose to look elegant and classical while wearing a heavier pattern suit with double pleated trousers if you are young. A guy must have to select the style according to his age or personality. According to fashion retailer David Alperin men’s first suit pattern should be pinstripe and color should be navy or gray because they are acceptable for almost all occasions.


Without shirt, tie, shoes, socks your suit is nothing. That’s why you must have to complete your outfit with your personal and traditional style. You can wear either cornflower blue or white shirt with your jacket. There is not an exact answer about the color of a tie, it depends on your jacket and shirt but most of the time the color of the necktie is darker than the shirt. Shiny black Oxford shoes could be the best option easily, and lastly the simple rule for wearing socks, they must be darker than your suit. If your suit color is navy then you should go with black socks.