Suit is the most formal dress a man can attire in.  But a guy can expect to look dapper without following the important role of the suiting. Here in the later part of our article we’ll thrash out 10 best rules to follow every man need to know about.

RULE # 01

Fitting is the most important rule in any kind of suit you are wearing, it can break everything and can turn your looks seriously opposite than your expectation. Even you can’t make look a world’s expensive suit looks good if it is not cut and finished as per your measurements.

RULE # 02

Buttons, we all know what damage they can do. But it is not a tricky matter, there are some rules defined for all type of suits.  The last button of your suit is the most important one you in two button, three button, or four button jacket which a man supposed to leave unbutton every times.

RULE # 03

Lapels played a vital role in grabbing others attention. It is highly recommendable that the width of your tie should match with your lapel width. Double breasted jackets are also famous with the name “peak lapel jackets” because double breasted jacket always featured with peak lapels.

RULE # 04

There is a simple rule that your tie should be darker than your dress shirt and it should be enough longer to reach the waistband of your trouser. It is also highly recommendable that you should use a tie clip which make your tie looks neat even after wearing for an extensive duration. This will also make your tie more durable and clean ever.

RULE # 05

Any distance between the collar of your jacket and shirt around your waist is called a collar gap. To remove this poorly fitting element you need the lapels of your jacket to follow the collar of your shirt perfectly.

RULE # 06

Keep in mind that socks should be enough long to cover your legs particularly when you are sitting. The pattern of your socks should match with your tie pattern to add extra polish in your personality.

RULE # 07

If you sweats a lot, than pocket squares gives you benefit to clean yourself after the blistering heat. It is also one of those accessories that can make you looks more charming through matching with your other accessories including tie. There are various styles of pocket square to wear with your suit these days.

RULE # 08

Here is another matching rule. Your shoes should match with your belt¸ and it should be lighter than your socks. A patient or an Oxford leather shoes is a good option indeed, and must be shiny and clearly polished so you can walk with a confidence

RULE # 09

Your fabric plays an important role in your to make your comfortable while wearing a suit. Wool is the best fabric because it makes you warm in winter season and gives you some space of breathability in to be cool in summer seasons. Linen is the second best option to wear after wool because it is light weight and males you easy when to wear for an extensive duration.

RULE # 10

First of all we are strictly against in buying an off rack suit but if you immediately decide to buy a ready-made suit than make sure that the shoulder of your suit should fit at max as possible so it shouldn’t look that you have borrowed jacket from someone else.


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