When I was 12 my father asked me what I want to be in the future, I told him that well for the answer of this question I want to go to see a Bond movie then after watching it I will definitely have a better answer of your question. It was I think a summer time a movie season. I become so much excited in solving the mystery and that’s the reason of loving the character of James Bond. It is not about the lifestyles or an attractive look that makes me to like Bond but he has a charming character. My aim to become a Bond is not that I fight with the peoples and shot them but in reality I want to adopt James Bond style because of his clothing and accessories he used in his all movies.

One of the more facts that make me to be like 007 Bond is his toughness. The scene which I like the most is that when M takes away Bonds gun and strips him of his 007 designation and for that he is sending back to the London. A man carrying weapons from MI6 accompany Bond into the elevator and he defeats them and takes all their weapons. After watching that scene became shocked that Bond doesn’t have a gun, a gun is convenience for Bond. My next favorite scene is when M says “God I miss the cold war” In a certain amount of life imitating art there was to produce a report, which analyzed a piece entitled ‘Why all of us shall quickly miss your cold conflict! ’ It had been about just how difficult managing terrorism is with regards to the cold war. That appears strange but it is accurate. In your cold conflict we knew exactly who the opponent was along with where these were. Now with terrorist cells the asymmetric way of operation it’s difficult to know who the bad guy is and the place that the bad guy operates.

My favorite Bond is the Daniel Craig when he is acting in skillful 2012 he has a nice and well maintained physical body as well as appearance. I like the thinking of the Bond from unassuming beginnings, an unknown outsider that not only works for a queen but also for to get the bad guy that was his job and his right to do this. The four tips which make you similar to look like James Bond. Firstly the appearance how you look good if you have seen James bond and also his movies so you have noticed that he has an attractive look and also he is physically maintained and also he is more intelligent. Secondly be clean and short hairs because of men long hairs gives look like a girl so bond hairstyle will be perfect for you. Keep your hair short and small that gives you a handsome look.

The next is about the clothes of James Bond. If you shave seen his Skyfall 2012 movie in which Daniel Craig is performing as a James Bond is wearing a Skyfall Tuxedo that is looking fantastic on him make your style changed by wearing Daniel Craig Skyfall Suit which is also giving a trendy appearance. The last thing we have seen that most Bond gambling at beautiful Casinos and his favorite game is Texas Holdem Poker so just makes your intelligence power increase like him. To get a full handsome look like Bond go to the gym and makes you better in physical fitness like Bond in Casino Royale movie.


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