Casino Royale is the twenty-first movie of Eon production and debuted movie for the star where he first played the character of Mi6 agent. This film is based on Ian Fleming’s first spy movie. Most of the 007 fans didn’t aware that this Eon production movie is the third adaptation of the novel, it was first adopted in the same TV show in 1954 and then in a comedy spy movie in 1967. This is the first film after 10 years not starring Pierce Brosnan, lots of criticism had been made on the Daniel Craig selection as James Bond in Casino Royale, but he stunned everyone through his performance in his first appearance as Bond. He also made the movie to rock at the box office and it becomes the highest-earning movie of the franchise with the grossing of $599 Million, and remain until the release of Skyfall.


james bond Daniel craig with bond girls

After the announcement of Pierce Brosnan from stepping down from the role of 007, the British actor Daniel Craig was selected to play a super spy role.  Many famous actresses including Angelina Jolie and Charlie Thereon auditioned for the role of Bond girl, but it was announced in February 2006 that Casino Royale Cast will include Eva Green to play the role of Bond women. Judi Dench, who started her career as M with Brosnan spy movies continued to work with the new Bond. Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen was spotted performing the main antagonist Le Chiffre’s role in the movie, who is a financier of international terrorism and likes to show off his money by playing poker.

We still don’t understand the decision of the director (Martin Campbell) and producers (Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli) not to cast the character of Miss Moneypenny and Q master. It is the first time in the history of the franchise when M’s secretary, Moneypenny was missing in the movie, and after ‘Live and Let Die” it is the second time where we didn’t see the character of Q and his gadgets.



Linen suit

Casino Royale cast Daniel Craig in a suit and looked handsome during his arrival at the Bahamas. This Casino Royale James Bond suit is made with highly appealing linen, James bond grey suit is also featured with peak lapels, two rolls of three-button front closure, four-button cuffs, dual Rear vents, and one welt, and two flap pockets. He complimented this James Bond Casino Royale Suit with a James bond dress shirt, black leather belt, brown shoes, and Persol sunglasses.


charcoal suit

James Bond wore out a charcoal suit during a meeting with Vesper Lynd; and the agent of HM treasury who is assigned to supervise and finance Bond in a poker game. This bond suit's cut and style are more towards Roman instead of the British, Daniel Craig James Bond Suits has also borne notch lapel, three-button, 4-button cuffs, a single rear vent, one chest, and two flapped waist pockets.



Casino Royale casts were looking good in their role and they wore amazing outfits. Meet with the first tuxedo worn out by Daniel Craig while playing 007,   This James Bond blue tuxedo was also designed by Brioni, this Bond’s black tie kit is undeniably the source of inspiration for all of us since the release of the movie. Daniel Craig James bond tuxedo is flattered with many British features, the Daniel Craig navy tuxedo is featuring a peak lapel with single-button closure, four buttons featured on each sleeve cuff, James bond outfits also one welt pocket and two jetted pockets trimmed with silk. Daniel Craig Casino royale tuxedo Trousers have double reverse pleats & as usual, bearing satin stripes down to each, it has two sides and two rear pockets also.


James Bond was also spotted wearing a blue pinstripe suit in the final moments of the movie and while uttering his signature words “Bond James Bond”.  It is another great James bond blue suit addition to the 007 wardrobes.


Besides his exceptional yet after another tuxedo and the suits of James bond. Daniel Craig also wore a super stylish James bond leather jacket during the thrilling Miami airport scene to add versatility to his looks.  This James bond jacket was officially made by Armani and features a zipper front, attractive four pockets complimenting flaps, and box pleats. According to the Daniel Craig 007 suits designer Lindy Hemming, this flawless leather jacket actually costs $4000, although you can also find this Casino royale outfit affordable on Fjackets. While giving an interview to Lindy further added that they were required probably 25+ pieces to shoot the death-defying action scene.


Daniel Craig presented as the most updated Bond to us and this is the reason why Bond never goes out of style and his charm while wearing daniel Craig casino royale suits. Bond spotted wearing a pea coat in the opening scene of Skyfall and layer out a cardigan under it. 007 Daniel Craig also wears a swimming trunk similar to Connery’s Thunderball one to give it a tribute. Daniel also wore a couple of Polo shirts first meeting with her boos M, and second while recovering from Le Chiffre’s torture.



Casino Royale Cast Daniel Craig was chosen for his acting and style the way he looked cool with Aston Martin model DBS that already made its appearance in the franchise 37 years before in the movie “on Her Majesty’s Secret Service” where Lazenby was replaced to Connery just for a single movie. No gadgets and protection were introduced in the car at that time. And then the updated version of James bond DBS returned in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Bond receives this silver-gray car in Montenegro, and the special features of this car include a secret compartment for a spare Bond gun Walther PPK, a digital satellite computer link with MI6 headquarters, and media used by Vesper to save Bond’s life.


Bond's famous car Aston Martin DB5 made its fourth but small appearance in Casino Royale when Daniel Craig as James Bond acquired it through winning in a poker game in the Bahamas club. Bond gets a licensed Bahamian number plate and first-time left-hand drive feature with this car because all the previous versions of James bond DB5 had been the right-hand drive.


Vesper Martini is famous because it is the first-ever drink ordered by Mi6 agent James Bond. The first novel was written by a navy intelligence officer Ian Fleming. Daniel Craig while playing James Bond’s role in the novel adaptation also ordered Vesper Martini in the movie after losing a hand in the poker game. This cocktail also got fame because it is by author Ian Fleming itself for the functional character of Bond.

Although Vesper Martini was the first drink mentioned in the novel, in other 007 movies and novels Bond signature drink was another martini, Vodka Martini – Shaken not stirred.  To make this vesper for yourself first, you need to mix the ingredients, then strain, and finally served it in a chilled cocktail glass with the garnishing of the slice of lemon peel.



Bond uses this firearm in one of the best and final scenes of Casino Royale. He emerged in a casino suits, hit the shot on Mr. White leg’s, and utters his famous words “Bond James Bond. Daniel Craig gun is a lightweight UMP9 machine gun of Heckler & Koch firing a 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. This UMP James bond gun barrel also appeared in the movie and can be easily seen in the official movie poster. Daniel Craig continued to use Heckler & Koch’s firearm through brining different rifles this time in his recent movie Skyfall.


Bond spotted carrying Walther P99 in the initial stage of the movie after a stunning opening chase scene.  Golden gun James bond replaces his signature gun Walther PPK to PP9 during Brosnan movies and Craig continued using this model in his first two movies, but in Skyfall, Walther PPK made its strong comeback as Bond’s main side firearm throughout the movie.


Daniel Craig wore the Omega Seamaster model 2220.80.00 in his debuted movie. Brosnan watches James bond didn’t find any customized Q features in the movie. But James bond watches was itself flattered off with many pleasuring features including stainless steel, blue bezel on stainless steel bracelets, and 41 mm striking blue face.


Daniel Craig wore two models Persol sunglasses in the movie, first Persol 2720 in the scene where he meets with the HM Treasury agent Vesper Lynd. Bond had worn another Persol model 2244 with his white linen suit during his arrival in the Bahamas.


Bond wore S.T. Dupont model 5244 sensational James bond cufflinks designed with silvery-white metal Palladium with his exclusive peak lapel tuxedo. This Dupont cufflinks got much fame due to its unique and attractive looks, and still after years later it has great demand among Bond fans.


Daniel Craig first wore Converse Jack Purcell OTR shoes in the popular Madagascar 8 minutes chase scene. Then spotted with formal James bond dress shoes. He wore with Brioni tuxedo, James bond shoes feature plain vamp, sweeping quarters and black museum calf color. And in the climax of the movie during the Venice chase Bond again wore casual Nike shoe model Air Articulate II.


Other than its accessories, James bond also uses S.T. Dupont torch and flame lighter spotted in the poker table. The bond carries this lighter with Daniel Craig tuxedo casino royale. But he had never smoked a cigarette in the whole movie.


As we already mentioned that costume Daniel Craig emerged as the most updated James Bond in Casino Royale, he wore some sensational suits in his debuted movie to get a unique look than the rest of the others.  You can get also complement your overall looks with similar Casino Royale accessories including his famous Dupont model 5244 cuffs at Amazon, Jack Purcell shoes, and Omega watch from their website. And finally, Aston DBS if you can afford it if you can’t then try to get a similar model.
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