James Bond the best spy agent also known as an iconic male fashion god around the globe. Any of 007 knows how snappy and killer dresser he is, particularly when it comes to formal attire. Besides his regular activities Mi6 agent is an inspiration to us for his James bond tuxedo, trends come and go, but he always remains the best-dressed man and makes sure to never follow any trend but let others follow him. Interestingly out of his 30+ tuxedo James Bond wore out his blue fabric tuxedo, probably more than 45 percent. This suit of James bond's navy tuxedo really shows how color matters for 007 tuxedos and the importance of a midnight blue suit in any formal clothing. If you do really want to know about his Daniel Craig midnight blue tuxedo stay connected with us because we are going to share all the information for what you have come here!


The legendary Sean Connery introduced all of us as Mi6 agent James Bond while putting on this tuxedo and playing his favorite card game Texas Hold ‘Em in the opening scene of Dr. No. This impeccable bespoke dinner suit features a shawl lapel color which was trimmed with midnight blue satin silk, the jacket is bearing a single horn button on the front along with four buttons on gauntlet cuffs, it has one welt pocket one chest, and two jetted ones on the waist length. Connery did not prefer to wear a cummerbund underneath the jacket. Trousers comprise the flat front with the strap down each leg with similar midnight navy tuxedo, his pants also having two slant side pockets. This premier Bond dinner suit will always be remembered for its classic and ever-dated looks.


Sean Connery after his brilliant performance in the first entry of the series Dr. No returned again for the No. 2 Bond film  “From Russia With Love” where he was spotted with probably the same tuxedo he did wear previously. This second Bond tuxedo is featuring a shawl lapel collar, single button front closure, one chest two waist pockets, and without any waist covering again. Although to give Bond an updated looks few changes have been made in his Sean Connery James Bond Suit, for instance, the shawl collar is a bit narrower, and double reverse pleats have been introduced to Connery pants according to 60’s style dressing.


After taking a break in Goldfinger, James Bond (Sean Connery Suits ) again comes up with the midnight James bond blue suit fabric, when he was sent to the Bahamas for his mission. Out of his four spy movies Sean Connery's James bond Suits wore out dark navy blue tux thrice and each time he wore it better than earlier. This Thunderball Sean Connery Suit tuxedo is bearing similar features to previous ones. The jacket has a shawl collar, with a single button cover with a horn in front along with only two buttons at gauntlet cuffs this time.  Interestingly, this is the last shawl lapel midnight blue tuxedo, Bond worn until the debut of Timothy Dalton. This timeless classic Thunderball dinner suit has been sold at Bonham for $53,760


Australian star George Lazenby starred in only single 007 movie, but he makes sure to wear out some ridiculously good-looking suits in it, and this idyllic sky blue tuxedo is on the top of those suits.  This recognizable Lazenby dinner suit featured with a peak lapel collar with a single button on the front and three buttons at each sleeve cut, this traditional tuxedo also has one chest pocket and two jetted ones at waist size. His pants bear a flat front with a single stripe down the leg. George Lazenby did wear this tuxedo suit three times in the movie with two different ruffled-front shirts.


The Legendary actor Roger Moore played James Bond the most. Interestingly, in his seven spy movies, Moore starred with Midnight navy suit only twice. Bond wore out this tuxedo to dinner with an Egyptian club; this is the day when he hunts Jaws into the desert. This classic version of the double-breasted suit bears a wide peak lapel collar and has six front buttons in which only two buttons can be b buttoned, it does have three buttons on the sleeves cut, one welt pocket with two jetted pockets. Bond also uses black satin James bond cummerbund underneath the jacket. His pants are featuring two side pockets and a low rise with flared bottoms.


As we mentioned above that Roger Moore has worn only two-James bond blue tuxes in his spy journey and interestingly, both of them are double-breasted according to 80’s style. Roger Moore wore out this dinner suit in his last 007 movies in a memorable Eiffel tower scene. The double-breasted jacket was bearing five buttons on the front in which only one button can be fastened; it has two jetted pockets and four buttons on cuffs with the addition of double rear vents. Bond has worn a white pleated shirt featuring mother of pearl buttons underneath the placket and has rounded corner double cuffs. His trousers have two side pockets and a satin stripe down to each leg.


Bond's favorite color fabric finally returns after five movies in Tomorrow Never Dies, but it was totally different than all previous 007 tuxedos. The first ever tuxedo in which Bond wore out double breasted vest underneath the jacket, that shows the sophistication and elegance of his killing style. TND tuxedo featuring peak lapel midnight blue lapel, the jacket has a single button which Bond prefers to stay unbutton to show his exquisite vest, it is also featuring one welt along with two jetted pockets and four buttons at cuffs. As mentioned earlier Brosnan put on a vintage-style vest underneath his jacket having grosgrain lapels with five front buttons and two jetted pockets, the perfectly V-shaped vest is constructed with a similar fabric. His rational style trouser comprises double reverse pleats and side tab adjusters obviously!


Star Pierce Brosnan preferred to go with a traditional tuxedo this time in The World is Not Enough after wearing an extremely modern midnight blue tux jacket in his previous 007 movies. The pierce brosnan tuxedo jacket lapel, buttons covering, and pockets are trimmed with midnight blue silk. More importantly, the bow James Bond tie and cummerbund did Brosnan wear is also made with midnight blue fabric. This Brosnan dinner suit is made with mohair fabric to give for giving it a more formal look. The jacket was bearing a notch lapel collar with single button front closure and four buttons on each sleeve cut. It also has one welt pocket with two straight jetted pockets. Brosnan pants are blessed with a flat front and the remaining other features are the same including hook closure, two side pockets, and side adjusters with tap buttons.


Bond was spotted putting on this midnight blue traditional attire in a swank ice hotel, which is featuring all same features including a notch lapel, a single button at the front and four cuffs, one chest two jetted pockets. Although some changes have been made for this cocktail party for instance jacket lapels and buttons are covered with grosgrain silk. More importantly, this is the first time Brosnan’s Bond went without a waist covering. He has worn waist in Golden Eye and Tomorrow Never Dies underneath the jacket and James Bond cummerbund in The World is Not Enough but this time he decided not to do any waist layer which is something Bond often does.


Daniel Craig's Quantum of Solace suit gives tribute to the first installment of the franchise Dr. No and the original Bond Sean Connery through taking inspiration from Bond's premier dinner suit. Finally, Bond was spotted wearing a shawl lapel tuxedo since The Day Living Day Lights. Since Craig's tuxedo is a step up from Connery’s that is why both of them probably have similar features including a shawl lapel, gauntlet cuffs, jetted pockets, and rear vents. Slightly additions have been made to the Bond outfit, he wore out satin cummerbund by not repeating mistake what he did in Dr. No, Bond wore reverse pleats according to early 60’s style but Craig's trousers are bearing flat front with the low rise. Small differences between both of them are buttonhole on the left lapel has been introduced with five buttons at gauntlet cuffs instead of four.


Here it is, the latest outfit from James Bond’s wardrobe “Skyfall Daniel Craig Blue Tuxedo” superstar Daniel Craig wore out in the recent installment of the franchise. This Skyfall blue tuxedo is the second consecutive Shawl lapel and Skyfall midnight blue tuxedo, Craig worn after wearing peak lapel dinner suit in his debut 007 movie Casino Royale.  Bond discloses his latest evening party kit in the casino, this time in Macau. This Daniel Craig James Bond tuxedo was looking dark not only in casino lighting but in Daylight too. The James bond blue casino royale tuxedo features black satin shawl lapel collar, with satin silk single front button and three functional buttons on cuffs, also having one chest pocket with two jetted pockets trimmed with silk, to make it a special Tom Ford has introduced only a single rear vent the only one James bond dinner Jacket appears with a single vent in the history of the franchise. Craig has worn a cotton shirt and silk cummerbund underside the jacket. His trousers were held up with James bond tuxedo suspenders and side tab adjusters, his trousers also featuring two side pockets, flat front, low rise, and lastly satin stripe.

This really shows how Bond is close to midnight blue color, up till Connery and Brosnan has worn three-midnight blue tuxedo out of their six and four movies respectively, and Craig spotted with two midnight blue dinner jacket already in his three spy movies. Daniel Craig Midnight Blue Tuxedo For Sale at in discounted price, Daniel Craig is signed for two more 007 movies and we have to see that whether he will able make another unique record of wearing most midnight blue Daniel Craig tuxedos or not.


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