What Is The difference between tuxedo and suit? we hear this question a lot, since both of them looks pretty much same that’s why many individuals use these two primary men’s formal wear interchangeably. The tuxedos are considered as the most formal attire for guys that is usually worn in the events like black tie, prom, cruise and especially in weddings.  When it comes to suit vs tux, it’s not only the about the difference either in their looks or features but also about the places and occasions there are recommendable to wear.

The difference between a tux and a suit are negligible that’s why confusion can occur easily.  Today we are going to discuss the basic rules, functions, rules of both suit and tux in great detail. If you are looking to buy a tuxedo or seeking for tuxedo rentals then going through this article might guide to end up looking dapper. This  tuxedo vs suit prom guide comprising on different parts from the introduction to the physical differences to the rules of accessories.


For Suit: If you are just a beginner and doesn’t know anything about a men's suits then here is the little introductions. What is a suit? It comprises of a jacket and trousers usually with the same materials without any satin. Suits are comparatively more common than a tuxedo, it is a perfect choice for conservative affairs that’s the reason why most men wear a suit for office on daily basis.  A men's suit includes different options in terms of buttons, lapels, and accessories. You can choose any style which looks good on your physique and compliments to your overall appearance. There are two major types of a suit the first one is double breasted which is mostly considered for vintage and formal style whereas the second type of suit is recognized as single breasted which is more commonly worn than double breasted suits. The single breasted suit further gives you different options to wear, it comprises three-button suit, two-button suit, and modern style one-button suit. You can select any of these styles according to your style preference. You can also refer to 7 Types of Men suit, and Two-Button vs Three-Button to know further if you are seeking for suit rentals or want to buy it online.

For Tuxedo:  Just in case if you don’t what is a tuxedo actually then here is a little intro, a tuxedo is the most formal attire of men’s wardrobe. Just like the suit, it comprises of a jacket and trousers, but more importantly with the presence of satin on jacket lapels, pockets, or cuffs.  Unlike suit, tuxedos are recommendable for few occasions. A men's Tuxedo tends to wear mostly for the semi-formal events like theme parties, high school proms, cruise events, or weddings.  Unlike the suits they don’t have too many styles, a double breasted tuxedo suits are rare these days, however, in a single breasted dinner suit, there are only a few options for jacket lapels. Tux button cover, lapels, and the pocket trimming are made with the same material


–Charcoal Pinstripe Suit

For Suit: The colors of the suit are probably one of those which gets noticed in its first glance, that’s why it quite important to pick the right color of a suit because it can either make or break your looks. The selection of color highly depends on when to wear a suit as suit color depends on the occasions you are donning it. Starting with the black suit which is the sign of formal attire look and also considers as the alternative of tuxedo.

The color usually depends on the place or occasion you are going to wear it. The black suit can be worn as an alternate of black tie attire at Prom and other special occasions or funerals.

If you are looking to wear a men's suit for your job interview or daily at work then navy and grey suits are recommendable.  However, if you rarely wear a suit or looking for the one which helps you to look dapper for many years then avoid buying a black suits and look for charcoal, gray, navy as all of them are types of formal suits.  Besides color, the suit pattern is another significant difference between suit and tux. The patterns of suits comprise of timeless stripe patterns,  and checked patterns consider as the second best after stripes, other suit patterns includes windowpane, glen plaid, herringbone, and hounds tooth.

Bond Tuxedo Navy Blue

For Tuxedo: When it comes to the tuxedo, the black color always remained a traditional and classic option. Since the origin of the tuxedo in early 60’s till now the black color is still considered as the prominent choice. However midnight blue color has also started gaining popularity regularly from past few years, different celebrities also spotted wearing a navy blue tuxedo on their movie premiers and red carpet which lead it to be the another great option for a tuxedo. Navy blue tux looks almost black in the sunlight that’s the reason why it has upper-hand in all those parties that start at evening, in terms of prom tuxedos like navy blue and black color is highly recommendable. The White tuxedo is the classic options famous during 60’s, but now seems less common than blue and black color


For Tuxedo: The biggest difference between tuxedo and suit is the presence of satin, tuxedo features satin collar and trimmings on cuffs, pockets, and pants The lapels of the tuxedo mostly covered with black color satin, its color can vary but traditionally tuxedo lapels should have black or occasionally white color.

For Suit: However, the other difference between suit and tuxedo is that Suit Buttons pockets and lapels of a suit is made with the same material used in the rest of the jacket so the color, unlike tuxedo jacket, the suit collar doesn’t feature different color satin on the lapel.  The suit and tuxedo lapel can be defined in three style including shawl collar, peak, and notch lapel. The notch lapel is very common suit jacket but informal in a tuxedo jacket, peak lapel is also a good option both in suits and dinner suits. The shawl lapels are recommendable only for a tux and never worn with the suits. The shawl collar tuxedos are becoming more and more popular these days

Buttons: Suit buttons are mostly made of plastic or sometimes covered with the fabric used to craft the suit, whereas the tuxedo button covers with the satin. The satin of the button covering must be as similar as used to cover the lapels. The suit jacket may feature one, two, three or even four button front closure but tuxedo should only feature a single button front traditionally, although it is sometimes worn with two buttons also. The button represents different suit types, one button, two button, and three button suit, there are also double breasted suit vs single breasted suit debate depending on the fastening closure 

Pockets: The pockets of both suit and tuxedo looks pretty much same with the exception of satin trimming which makes the pockets of the tuxedo suit look slightly different than suits.


The suit pants always construct with the similar jacket fabric throughout and its basic features include hook and button front with zipper and belts loop to wear the belt. However, wearing a belt is not traditional in tuxedo pants that why most of them feature suspenders buttons instead of belt loops to holds your pants wearing braces or suspender, your braces should be either black or white color with tuxedo trousers. Another additional feature of men tuxedo pants is satin stripes goes down the outer leg that matches the tuxedo lapel and makes them look different than suit pants.


Dress Shirt:  The major difference between a tux and suit shirts is that in dress shirts you are expected to wear plain, long sleeves, and fully buttoned shirt under your suit jacket. The color of your dress shirt much depends on the color of your suit, however, the basic and most common colors of the shirt include white and light blue. The two common types of shirt collars are the pointed collar and spread collar. In the US, most of the ready-made shirts feature a pointed collar, whereas the spread collar which is famous for its collar greater than 90-degree collar angles is also a good option to wear but comparatively infrequent. When it comes to sleeve cuffs, usually all dress shirts feature barrel cuffs which are far easier to wear as compare to French cuffs, it is also recognized as button cuffs that wrap around the arms and fasten easily.

Tuxedo Shirt: One of the major differences in tuxedo shirts as compare to suit shirts is that tuxedo shirts feature pleats running down on its front, few shirts also feature placket, plain or even ruffled front instead of pleats. Tuxedo shirt may comprise a spread collar or wing collar making it look classier than an ordinary suit shirt. Tuxedo shirts can be fastened with both buttons and studs. Another premier feature of tuxedo shirts is that they comprise French cuffs instead of ordinary barrel cuffs.


Necktie: Necktie is usually worn with suits to get a complete and formal look, the color and pattern of the necktie vary according to your suit and shirt. You can wear the multicolor ties with your suit but the solid color tie is the basic and most formal option. When it comes to the pattern of the necktie you can pick either plain, striped, or plaid pattern ties to draw the attention of people. The most common necktie knots includes Four-in-Hand knot, Prince Albert knot, Half-Windsor knot, and Eldredge Knot

Bow-tie: The bow-tie is frequently considered as a tuxedo tie because it is mostly worn with the dinner suits.  It is a major aspect in tuxedo vs suit debate, a guy never wears a bow with a suit. The bow-tie is traditionally black in color made of silk. The famous style of bow-tie knots includes Butterfly, Slim Line, and Diamond points. There are also three styles of bow including the self-tied bow tie, pre-tied bow tie, and clip-on bow-tie.


The only option to cover your waist and get more formal looks in the suit is a waistcoat; a suit with men's waistcoat also renowned known as a three-piece suit. Whereas in a tuxedo you can either cover your waist wearing a cummerbund or a waistcoat. However, the cummerbund is more common than a waistcoat when it comes to tuxedo cummerbund is usually made with a similar fabric used in the bow-tie. Different kinds of waistcoat can be put on with both your suit and tuxedo it can be even single or double-breasted depends on your style.


For Suit: When it comes to wearing Men's shoes with suits, the best options include slip-ones shoes oxford and loafers. Although these are not necessary,  you can also find and wear another style of shoes that can complement your suit. Shoes to be worn with your suit can be either lace-up or loafer form.  Two basic colors of your shoes are black and brown; you can choose any of them depending on the color of your suit.

For Tuxedo: It is quite simple to pick the footwear for your suit as compare to the tuxedo, there are some limitations with tuxedo suit shoes. You should not wear court shoes because it is the most formal type and reserved for events like the White tie. Shiny patent leather shoes are the best choice to wear with your tuxedo but it should be in a lace-up form. One rule that is common between the shoes of your suit and tuxedo is that they should be cleaned and polished nicely.


Both suits tux are important elements of men’s wardrobe undeniably, and both of them have their own significance. We are hopeful that now you’re able to figure out the difference between a tux and a suit, which one is better always depends on upon the place or events it is expected to wear. Suits, as we highlighted above, are comparatively more common that’s why’s they are the best to wear daily at the office or formal gathering. Tuxedo is the premier choice for semi-formal events like high school proms, black tie events, and weddings; it gives you a great opportunity to show your elegance and make yourself look unique.  You Might also want to read our other comparison guides like single-breasted vs double suits, charcoal vs black suit colors, and black tie vs white guide.


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