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Bond in Action – Dr. No

Sean Connery as James Bond

The fictional character of super spy James Bond has been created by former navy officer and author Ian Fleming, his character was first adapted in radio and different TV series but after the great response of people towards the secret agent character it was finally inspired in movies by EON production.  The MI6 secret Bond presented to us of us in 1962 with the debuted movie of longest running franchise “Dr. No” former Mr. Universe sir Sean Connery, after portraying the role of secret agent at his best the Scottish actor got an opportunity to play 007 in later five movies too. Dr. No get many positive critics and commercial success, this movie paved the way for coming spy movies of the series. If you are one of the biggest fan of 007 then stay with us, here is the rundown of Bond’s first ever appearance to audience.

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James Bond Brioni vs Tom Ford Suits

Cinematic icon James Bond is a male fashion god who always wants his wardrobe shaken and stirred.  From past five decades the MI6 agent always remains the source of inspiration among his devotees. Every Bond fan who loves to see his spy movies, also a huge fan of his style sense and has tried to dress like him at least once in his life. It is also quite interesting for 007 fans to know that who is tailoring their favorite secret agent clothes, and since Brosnan movies it is one of the subject discussed most between his fans. After the replacement of Tom Ford as James Bod latest tailor there is something a conflict of views between 007 fans about his ex tailors Brioni, and present tailor. That’s why today in our blog we’ll be going to thrash out different major factors about his both tailors on different levels which might guide Bond fans to choose their favorite among these two tailoring houses.

Brioni Suits for James Bond

Brioni Tuxedo

A renowned costume designer Lindy Hemming preferred to design costumes during the era of Pierce Brosnan, and she gave the responsibility of tailoring a secret agent suit to an Italian brand “Brioni” who make their place confirmed for later, three Brosnan movies and also got a chance to finish suits for new Bond Daniel Craig in his debuted movie Casino Royale but not enough food to inspire the new costume designer Louise Frogley.  There isn’t doubt that Brioni through designing sleek and stylish Italian cut suits makes Bond look more European, classy, and modern after the disaster of Timothy Dalton who dress more like an off duty policeman. The co-chief executive;  Antonella De Simon of Brioni said they never worked for money, and their aim was to show their class and discreet. It seems something is true because they never feature Brosnan or Craig in their advertisement.

Tom Ford Suits for James Bond

Tom Ford Tuxedo

Mr. Ford himself work as a creative director at Gucci for 10 years, but then he leaves Gucci to launch his own men’s wear house and label it with his own name. Finally, after five 007 movies, the Co producer Barbara Broccoli in a search of outfitter approaches the newly established tailored house to tailor world best spy character sets. Ford said in his interview that he was very much excited to construct Bond suits after getting the opportunity. This was a great platform for Tom Ford to get household name, and he able to grab this chance through designing many remarkable attire for the Bond. It wouldn’t be wrong in saying that Tom Ford played a major role to make Daniel Craig’s Bond an updated look; they also make Craig look alike Bond which something Brioni wasn’t able to do perfectly. Till now they Bond had worn 11 outfits tailored by them in two movies first in Quantum of Solace, and then in the latest movie Skyfall, which allowed Bond to jump, ran, and fight in it.


Brioni vs Tom Ford Suit

Both Brioni and Tom Ford played a vital role in giving Bond a modern look. Brioni constructs classical and elegant cut suits which look sensational they made similar manner of suits for Craig and put him in Brosnan suits which makes him look clumsy and uncomfortable, because Daniel Craig has a different physique and presented as a muscular Bond to all his fans. But Tom Ford makes this thing right through tailoring suits according to his personality. Ford said during his interview  that “I have been dressing Daniel for some time and know that he looks best when simply dressed, so we did some beautiful suits, tuxedos and daywear”
Undoubtedly it is not possible to pick anyone from these two famous Brands, both of them did great work to make Bond look a true gentleman.

10 Best Outfits From James Bond Movies

Best James Bond outfits

Undeniably there is a whole soccer team of actors playing the legendary role of Mi6 agent James Bond had appeared in 23 movies from the last five decades. In this distinctive time period of the franchise many memorable and incredible outfits had been introduced out which we are going to list top 10 outfits below.

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Live Like James Bond

Image Six years ago Daniel Craig Make the scene hit  the newest, toughest James Bond ever when he sauntered out of the ocean in little blue skivvies Casino Royale. Image James Bond character is remarkable and also never ending  because of his fantastic acting in skyfall which is mainly performed by Daniel Craig. James Bond uses a Walther PPS gun. This Walther PPS( Polizeipistole Schmal) is a Semi-automatic pistol. After watching the Casino Royale movie many of the audience remain shocked that what type of training Daniel Craig had done to make himself physically strong. Would you ever dream to be live like James Bond.


Daniel Craig is wearing Tom Ford mother of pearl cufflinks with his Skyfall Tuxedo suit in Skyfall(2012) . The cufflinks are so many attractive and if you are watching this cufflinks so you can know that the cufflinks is in round design with white mother of pearl surrounded by a white gold border which is perfectly matched with the design of the buttons of the tuxedo shirt. Image

James Bond also wears the Tom Ford cylinder cufflinks in the starting scene of the movie skyfall in Turkey. It ought to be these cufflinks that Craig, in a standard Bond moment, adjusts after he jumps from the CAT hydraulic excavator into the wrecked train. Image

The Tome Ford Marko Tf144 sunglasses are worn by James Bond  when Daniel Craig was spotted with these glasses in Turkey when he is acting , but in Turkey these sunglasses are visible. The glasses can also be marked on the death city scene and also in other scenes. Image

This watch is also worn by Daniel Craig in skyfall 2012 as it is designed with a brown leather alligator strap, Tonneau shaped steel case, blued steel hands and painted numerals Arabic. This car is used in most of the scenes to drop M (Judi Dench) through London. A drivers drop M to her apartment and also to her office. James Bond himself drives the car when he kidnaps M after the assassination which is failed by Silvas. Click Here To Buy ItImage James Bond is also known by his suitings mostly the Skyfall suit  which is looking awesome on Danial Craig and giving him a trendy look. If you also want a lifestyle like Bonds so Visit Here For Bonds Lifestyle


James Bond Style.


When I was 12 my father asked me what I want to be in the future, I told him that well for the answer of this question I want to go to see a Bond movie then after watching it I will definitely have a better answer of your question. It was I think a summer time a movie season.I become so much excited in solving the mystery and that’s the reason of loving the character of James Bond. It is not about the lifestyles or an attractive look that makes me to like Bond but he has a charming character. My aim to become a Bond is not that I fight with the peoples and shot them but in reality I want to adopt James Bond style because of his clothing and accessories he used in his all movies.


One of the more fact that makes me to be like 007 Bond is his toughness and strongness and I also want to be strong like that. The scene which I like the most is that when M takes away Bonds gun and strips him of his 007 designation and for that he is sending back to the London. A man carrying weapons from MI6 accompany Bond into the elevator and he defeats them and takes all their weapons. After watching that scene became shocked that Bond doesn’t have a gun, a gun is convenience for Bond. My next favorite scene is when M says “ God I miss the cold war” In a certain amount of life imitating art there was to produce a report, which analyzed a piece entitled ‘Why all of us shall quickly miss your cold conflict! ’ It had been about just how difficult managing terrorism is with regards to the cold war. That appears strange but it is accurate. In your cold conflict we knew exactly who the opponent was along with where these were. Now with terrorist cells the asymmetric way of operation it’s difficult to know who the bad guy is and the place that the bad guy operates.


My favorite Bond is the Daniel Craig when he is acting in skillful 2012 he has a nice and well maintained physical body as well as appearance. I like the thinking of the Bond from unassuming beginnings, an unknown outsider that not only works for a queen but also for to get the bad guy that was his job and his right to do this. The four tips which make you similar to look like James Bond. Firstly the appearance how you look good if you have seen James bond and also his movies so you have noticed that he has an attractive look and also he is physically maintained and also he is more intelligent. Secondly be clean and short hairs because of men long hairs gives look like a girl so bond hairstyle will be perfect for you. Keep your hair short and small that gives you a handsome look.


The next is about the clothes of James Bond. If you shave seen his Skyfall 2012 movie in which Daniel Craig is performing as a James Bond is wearing a Skyfall Tuxedo that is looking fantastic on him make your style changed by wearing Daniel Craig Skyfall Suit which is also giving a trendy appearance. The last thing we have seen that most Bond gambling at beautiful Casinos and his favorite game is Texas Holdem Poker so just makes your intelligence power increase like him. To get a full handsome look like Bond go to the gym and makes you better in physical fitness like Bond in Casino Royale movie. View More